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  • mouse

    Elucidating biological complexity.

    Computational methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data elucidate the complex networks governing health and disease.
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  • NU Arch

    Interdisciplinary research at Northwestern University

    Our group spans disciplines -- and campuses.
  • "Hearing the shape of cancer"

    Analyzing the spectral characteristics of biochemical networks in the context of transcriptomic data to understand the dynamics of gene regulation.
  • kurns

    Integrative analyses

    Combining different genome-wide assays to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying tumorigenesis.
  • poda

    Genetic distance metrics

    Comparing cases to controls across sets of genes enables predictions of susceptibility and the identifying robust and fragile pathways.


Living processes comprise many highly variable, strongly interdependent and adaptive parts, and state-of-the-art computing coupled with modern biological experiments now provide an immense opportunity for understanding complex biological dynamics. Our research, broadly described as computational systems biology, is concerned with the development of novel computational techniques for the analysis of data from high-throughput biological experiments, with the goal of elucidating the processes that lead to the emergence of complex phenotypes.